What are some essential Nintendo Switch Accessories?

The Nintendo Switch is an amazingly compact gaming console that has dominated the market.  With the number of available Nintendo Switch games nearing 3000, whether you are nine or eighty-nine, this console has something to keep everyone captivated and entertained. In addition, the Nintendo Switch gaming console doubles up as a home console when connected to your TV. The right Nintendo Switch accessories can take your experience to new heights and will make gaming even more convenient and interactive.  In this article, we will highlight a few popular Nintendo Switch gaming accessories that will ensure you get the most playtime and functionality out of your machine.

What is included with the Nintendo Switch system?

Right out of the box, the Nintendo Switch will come with the console, dock, a right and left Joy-Con controller, wrist straps, a Joy-Con grip, an AC adapter, and a HDMI cable. Additional Nintendo Switch accessories will need to be purchased separately. However, there is a variety of gaming accessories available on the market that will personalize your Nintendo Switch gaming system and improve your gaming experience.

What Accessories to buy first

First things first, before you go out and purchase a ton of games or fancy Nintendo Switch Accessories, you need to ensure that your console has enough available memory.  With only 32 GB of built-in storage, 3 GB of which are used by the operating system, increasing the storage is extremely beneficial. Many games require additional downloads and as a result, we recommend purchasing a micro SD card. The Lexar 246 GB has a variety of sizes available ranging from $19.00 to $99.00. Although you may not be aware of how much increased space you will need until you start using your Nintendo Switch, having a large memory card means that you won’t need to constantly keep changing them out and risk losing one.

Another product that we recommend purchasing as soon as possible is the Nintendo Switch Glass Screen Protector. As you play and use your Nintendo Switch, despide how careful you are, the display screen will inevitably get scratched. Therefore, purchasing a relatively inexpensive screen protector should be a top priority. Many people choose to purchase two screen protectors at a time to ensure that they have one spare.  The tempered glass is anti-reflective, self-adhesive, easy to apply, and will not affect responsiveness. Once secure in place, you can instantly get back to your game without the fear of damaging the screen on your device.

Moving with your Nintendo Switch

In terms of portability, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles on the market. It was designed to be carried around and used on the go, however, in addition to the screen protector, you’ll want to ensure that you have a functional carrying case that will protect the console from accidental drops and scratches. The Nintendo Switch Protective Storage Bag is available in multiple colours, and will keep your console as well as a few of your Nintendo Switch Accessories safe and in one handy location.

Boosting the battery on your Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has a lot of benefits for portability, however, the battery life can last as little as 4 ½ hours. The Gaming Guru has a number of different charging options available. The Nintendo Switch Joy Stick Charger is one of our best selling products. It allows you to charge your Joy-cons while they are attached to the Nintendo Switch. 

The next level of Accessories

There is a vast amount of specialized Nintendo Switch Accessories that will amp up your gaming experience. For the younger crowd, a set of Nintendo Switch Wheels are a sure fire hit for racing games. This product will provide more controlled steering movements, which will allow you to improve your overall performance. 

If you’re ready to start purchasing accessories for your console, head on over to our online store. We have an increasing range of accessories available so make sure to regularly browse our selection for new options. If you’re interested in learning more about the different Nintendo Switch accessories that will improve your gaming experience, please contact our qualified team at The Gaming Guru today.