If you are someone who enjoys long gaming sessions, you need a charging dock to save your devices and controllers from dying. Nowadays, most gamers engage in gaming sessions that last for more than 5 to 8 hours a day. More so, you can hardly find any wireless console that can last for 5 hours or more.

Therefore, a charging dock is the only way to keep your devices charged and alive simultaneously. Apart from letting you know how to choose the best charging docks, you will also find out what products are currently being used by top gamers today.

Qualities of the Best Charging Docks

To save your gaming system from dying in the heat of the battle you need a charging dock. Below you will find some qualities that’ll help you differentiate between which charging docks are the best. 

  • Fast: Some low-quality quality charging dock’s capacity is very poor. In some cases, it takes a lot of time for your device to be fully charged. As a serious gamer, you need a charging dock that charges your device quickly without causing any damage to the internal battery. 
  • Multiple Ports: If you are running a low-cost budget, you can go for multi-purpose charging docks. As the name implies, multi-purpose charging docks have ports for various devices, perfect for gaming enthusiasts. 
  • Charging Indicators: A quality charging dock should have a charging indicator. Usually, the indicator ought to let you know when the device is fully charged. Similarly, some charging docks automatically stop charging the device when it is fully charged.
  • Surge Protector: A good charging dock should also have a built-in surge protector. A built-in surge protector will keep your device safe from damage if the power fluctuates.

Recommended Charging Docks

Since it is always difficult choosing the best charging docks for your devices, we have decided to recommend some of the best. Aside from that, the charging docks mentioned below are all affordable so that you can save your money to buy more games. 

6 in 1 Charging Stand

The 6 in 1 Charging Stand can be used with the Nintendo Switch dock base to charge your Joycon and up to 2 Pro Handles. You can charge all these devices simultaneously, so in other words, you don’t have to unplug anything to charge another. This product is manufactured by Olly Murs.


  1. Supports a USB 2.0 male plug interface and an extended USB 2.0  female seat support 
  2. Provides fast charging
  3. Exquisite and very easy to use
  4. Provides real-time display of the charging state of your devices

Multifunctional Charging and Storage Stand

Also manufactured by Olly Murs, this charging dock is cost-effective if you have Nintendo and PS4 consoles. Instead of purchasing two different charging docks for your separate devices, the Multifunctional Charging and Storage Stand for Nintendo and PS4 charging dock has solved that problem for you. 


  1. It has a multifunctional storage rack of HBS-152
  2. The output charging is 5V 250 MA
  3. USB- Cord length is 80com
  4. Provides optimal charging speed 

PS4 USB Charging Dock

This PS4 USB Charging Dock is specifically designed to cater to PS4 wireless consoles. It provides gamers the fastest charging time you can think of. More so, it has a built-in protector to keep your controllers safe. The PS4 USB Charging Dock is manufactured by Knotolus.


  1. It has a dual wireless controller charger for PS4 controllers
  2. Provides an easy way to charge your controllers and store them securely
  3. Your device is fully charged in less than 2.5 hours
  4. You can power through the USB port from your PS4 console or PC
  5. Comes with a 1x USB Charging Cable (19.68in/0.5m)

Nintendo Switch Joy Stick Charger

If you own a Nintendo Switch joystick, then you can opt for this charging dock. This charging dock is specifically designed for the Nintendo joystick. This device is simple and easy to use. The Nintendo Switch Joy Stick Charger is manufactured by Senriya.


  1. Supports 4 joystick consoles
  2. Offers fast charging, there is no risk of overvoltage or under-voltage
  3. It has a LED indicator that lets you know when it is fully charged 
  4. Comes with a 1 x Charging cable
  5. Offers safe and fast charging

Why Should I Buy a Charging Dock?

Somehow, this query has already been answered. If you play enough games, you’ll understand how frustrating it can be when you’re in the middle of a fierce gaming battle and your device suddenly runs out of power. You’ll also understand how annoying it can be when you’re just about to turn on your console only to find that your controllers are dead from the previous gaming session. What’s more, keeping your controllers charged before it runs out completely will save your device from any electrical damages. 

Final Verdict

Regardless, being able to charge multiple devices can not only save you more time for games but is also very convenient. Forget about those days where you had to tell your friends “one second” so that you could switch out your dead controller with another. Check out the products mentioned as well as other gaming accessories today at The Gaming Guru.