Gamers expect a lot from their equipment. This is particularly true when it comes to headsets. A gaming headset needs to look appealing, have great audio, the mic needs to be exceptional, and most importantly they need to be comfortable. To really enjoy the experience it is important to use only the most comfortable gaming headset. 

Many gamers will have stories about the all-nighters they’ve spent playing a game, or the weekends they spend playing online games with friends. Even if you are not quite as hardcore as this, it makes sense to invest in a comfortable headset.

What makes a headset comfortable?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a comfortable gaming headset. 

  • Design
    The style and shape will influence the comfort of the headset. Some companies put a lot of time, effort, and money into research and development to create a comfortable design. Others, not so much. This will be noticeable in the comfort the headset delivers.

    Most gaming headsets have an ear-cup over over-ear design. This is great as they tend to be comfortable and they help to block outside noise. What is important is that the ear-cup is well designed. While looks are important, comfort is key to an enjoyable gaming experience. 
  • Adjustability
    Not all gamers have the same shape and size head, and therefore it is essential that the headset is able to adjust accordingly. It needs to fit snugly while not being too tight or too loose. The better it fits your head the more comfortable it will be. It is also handy if the mic is adjustable so you can talk naturally without that feeling that you need to move to be heard. If you are playing alone without the need for a microphone, it is ideal if the mic is removable. 
  • Padding
    This is one of the most critical factors necessary to create a truly comfortable headset. The amount of padding is important  but the quality is also crucial. Better quality padding will provide more comfort and will last a lot longer. Cheap padding tends to lose comfort over time. Some headsets use memory foam for the padding which is one of the more effective options. 
  • Weight
    After a few hours of gaming a heavy headset will really start to feel uncomfortable. While it needs to be durable and sturdy, the lighter the better. One can barely feel the really light headsets on the market. A heavy headset will put strain on the neck and shoulders and is not ideal for gaming. 
  • Airflow
    Gamers can get quite active during a session and you want a headset that does not make you sweat. Some designs and materials make the head and ears hot causing you to sweat which is uncomfortable. Look for one that will do the job without making you hot. 

A good place to find the most comfortable gaming headset is at The Gaming Guru. Here are some of their most comfortable options: 

Wired USB Gaming Headset for PC and PS4

If you are looking for a stylish headset that offers lots of comfort this is one to consider. The frequency response is 20-20000 Hz and the sensitivity is 110 dB. This is an ideal gaming headset for comfort and performance. 

Wired Gaming Headphones with Mic

This is a professional-looking headset with heaps of comfort. It has lush padding and an ergonomic design. It is adjustable to fit your face perfectly. The frequency range is 20~20000 Hz with a sensitivity of -38±3 dB. It also has a 2.2m cable. This is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable gaming headset options.  

Gaming Stereo Over Ear LED Light Headsets

It is rare to see such great comfort at such an affordable price but this headset offers just that. It also looks great. The design and LEDs lend it a modern hi-tech look. It offers a dynamic vocalism principle, a frequency response range of 20-20000 Hz, and a sensitivity of 36±1 dB. The cable is 2.2m. 

Given that the headset is such an important part of your gaming experience, don’t compromise on the performance, quality, and most especially comfort. For some great options at unbelievable prices, take a look at The Gaming Guru today.