Much is expended when gaming on the PC with just a mouse. There’s continuous movement, never-ending clicks, banging, and even smashing your mouse during the heat of the moment. One of the main concerns are the elongated hours spent while indulging in the act. 

It’s really nice when you get to take a break and play games to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But something that may be a surprise to some of you, you might be potentially hurting yourself because you’re not holding the mouse correctly. 

The importance of an ergonomic gaming mouse cannot be overemphasized but even then, an ergonomic mouse can only do so much especially for those who spend a lot of time gaming on the PC with the mouse. But just knowing how to hold your mouse for gaming can help reduce the risk of injury. Suffice to say, for comfortability and ease of movement, ergonomic gaming mice have been designed in such a manner that they fit nicely into your hands so that even if you will be playing all day long, you might not feel a thing!

Although ergonomic mice are good, you also have to actually hold them correctly for them to function to their full extent. Failure to master the art of holding the mouse correctly while gaming for long hours could result in injury-causing severe pain in the arms, shoulder, neck, and even back. At some point, you may even develop chronic injuries like carpal tunnel or repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Let’s quickly summarize some of the benefits from learning how to hold your mouse for gaming;

  • Reducing the risk of damaging your hand muscles 
  • The risk of carpal tunnel or RSI is minimized
  • Sharpened precision
  • Ease of movement to and from the mouse  
  • The correct mouse grip which is effective for gaming accuracy
  • Faster clicks and prompt response to action

If it is this important to hold the mouse correctly, then how should I hold the mouse you may ask. 

What you’ll find below are some tips and tricks on how to hold your mouse for gaming.

The Mouse Grip

The first thing you have to work on is the mouse grip. Basically, there are three types of mouse grip. There’s the palm grip, fingertip grip, and claw grip.

The palm grip is the most common way everyone holds the mouse. Gamers and non-gamers alike conventionally hold the mouse this way. You are holding your mouse in the palm grip fashion when the palm rests on the center of the mouse with your thumb and index finger holding the mouse by the side.

In terms of the fingertip grip, your fingers are entirely free to move on the mouse. For clicks and firm grabs, all your fingers are engaged with your palm resting backward. 

The claw grip leaves your fingers hanging like an arch in a claw-like manner. Only the tip of your middle finger is directly on the mouse. This method is used because you may find more buttons on gaming mice, gamers tend to use this style of mouse grip. The only downside is, it cannot be sustained for a long period of time.

Funny enough, no grip is without its bottleneck, thus, no grip is perfect for gaming. Depending on the intended use, gamers only need to know when to switch from one grip to another in order to avoid muscle strain in the arm.

Mouse Holding Techniques

Here are some tips that can teach you how to hold your mouse for gaming:

  • Ensure you are holding the mouse in a comfortable position. Your elbow must always be kept at 90 degrees to be able to achieve this.
  • Grip the mouse in a comfortable manner. Don’t press on or hold it too tightly.
  • Use your arm to grip the mouse. Never use your wrist!
  • Place your elbow on the table for balance and avoid any form of unnecessary movement.
  • Customize the mouse to enable playing from a comfy angle. You could use the proximity code for this. Let the finger closest to a particular button perform a specific function. Nevertheless, don’t use more than two fingers for clicking.
  • Most importantly, stop and relax when fatigue sets in!

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