If you are someone who is addicted to gaming with hardware, then you need the best keyboard and mouse. Our main focus in this article will be gaming keyboards. Frankly, gaming keyboards are different from regular keyboards. Using a regular keyboard is like putting a shiny sword in a rusty scabbard. Connecting a regular keyboard to your gaming system takes away the swag. 

Have you noticed? Gaming keyboards typically have special lighting and design as an additional feature. What’s more, some keyboards even vibrate with the game’s simulation just like other gaming controllers. Considering all these features would you still opt for a regular keyboard? As a modern gamer, you need the best gaming keyboard to enjoy the thrills. Learn how to choose the best gaming keyboard for your set up. 

Types of Gaming Keyboards

Not all gamers know, but there are two types of gaming keyboards. Apart from their prices, color, and design, there are other features that make them unique. However, there is a considerable cost difference between the two types of gaming keyboards. 

  • Rubber Dome: This type of gaming keyboard features a membrane layer covered by rubber domes that are underneath each key. When you press the key downwards, the inner surface coated with graphite touches the circuit which sends an electrical signal to your system. As soon as your touch is released, the key is pushed back by the rubber dome. Rubber dome gaming keyboards are more popular because they are more affordable. Considering their low prices, gamers have a huge variety to choose from.
  • Mechanical Keyboards: These types of gaming keyboards have spring-loaded mechanical switches placed underneath all the keys. Like the rubber dome, the spring closes when it is pressed downward and sends an electrical signal to your system. Once you release the key, it is pushed back to its normal position. Mechanical gaming keyboards are a little bit more expensive than rubber dome gaming keyboards.

Gaming Keyboards Used by Pro Gamers

To be at the top of your game, you must mimic what your competitors do. To surpass their achievement, you have to go in search of other tricks. One of those tricks includes purchasing a faster keyboard so that you can input your moves faster. Below are the most sought after gaming keyboards used by pro gamers:

RPG LED Gaming Keyboard

This gaming keyboard features a lighting system that simulates the games as you play. This gaming keyboard is manufactured by ZERODATE. An additional feature it has is a phone and pen holder so that you can keep your desk clutter-free. Other interesting features of the RPG LED Gaming Keyboard are:

  • It is waterproof
  • Features a magnetic absorbent hand rest
  • It has a two-color injection keycap
  • Supports 16 different kinds of lighting effects
  • It has 104 standard keys

Not to mention this Led Gaming Keyboard is affordable compared to similar products. You can use this keyboard for both gaming and business. 

LED Keyboard with Phone Holder and Mouse

Upgrade your gaming standard with yet another ZERODATE LED Gaming Keyboard. This model also offers a phone and a pen holder and is designed with an integrated sandblasting metal process. Below are unique features of this gaming keyboard:

  • Comes with a rainbow backlight effect
  • Offers a mechanical feel experience
  • It has an adjustable tripod design for a better experience
  • The mouse is designed with a colourful lighting effect
  • It has standard 104 keys

Compared to the previous gaming keyboard, the LED Keyboard with Phone Holder and Mouse is definitely more worth the price. 

LED Keyboard with Mouse

Enjoy excessive gaming with this affordable keyboard. Apart from being the cheapest keyboard listed here, it offers quality and a fun gaming experience. The mouse is mechanically designed. A few features are outlined below:

  • A rainbow light effect
  • Floating button design
  • It has a button programmed to turn on and off the lighting effect
  • Comes with a mouse that has built-in matching colorful LED lights

Types of Keyboard Connection

As you may know, there are two major types of keyboard connection; wired and wireless. Wired keyboards are the most popular and the preferred keyboard. On the other hand, wireless keyboards often use rechargeable batteries. The batteries will eventually require a recharge or replacement which might not be ideal for some. If the battery of the wireless keyboard runs out, your gaming section can abruptly come to an unsatisfying end. No wonder wired keyboards are preferred. However, wired keyboards have two connections:

  • Universal Serial Bus: Popularly known as the USB, it is the most common type of slot. It has since replaced the previous PS/2 keyboard inputs.
  • PS/2: Although very viable, the USB connection has taken over. However, it is still available for purchase but it is hardly used by manufacturers presently. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re an advent gamer or someone who’s just starting out, you don’t need to look too far to find a good gaming keyboard. In addition to gaming keyboards, The Gaming Guru also offers players a lot of other gaming accessories such as controllers, audio gear, and more at affordable prices. Visit The Gaming Guru for more gaming accessories.