A good microphone is important for modern gaming. People shopping for headsets often overlook the importance of the microphone and sadly, some manufacturers do the same. Modern gaming is designed for 2 way communication and with a poor microphone you will frustrate those that you interact with. That is the last thing you want to do. Pay attention to the quality of the microphone for the benefit of all. Make sure you get a gaming headset with a mic that is clear and effective. 

How a gaming headset will improve your gaming performance

Gaming has come a long way in recent years and current games are vastly better than those of the past. All aspects of the games have improved but one vital area is audio. This is both what you hear yourself as well as what others will hear when you communicate with them. Modern gaining is interactive and most gamers play with or against people all over the world. Good communication is a crucial part of the experience. 

The microphone is the main difference between a typical set of headphones and a gaming headset. It needs to pick your voice up clearly and preferably just your voice. You do not want your communication affected by noises in the background. It needs to be clear and not create any lag. Even a second is critical in most fast-paced games. A quality mic is very important. 

If communication is poor this could cause frustration and misunderstandings which could impact your game performance. You need to be on your toes at all times and need to be able to be heard clearly for optimal performance. There is no time to think and repeat yourself. Make sure the microphone does not let you down. 

You do not need perfection and there is no need to spend a fortune on a recording quality microphone. Just ensure that it is clear, reliable,  and does not pick up too much background noise. It helps if the microphone is adjustable to position it perfectly for improved clarity. You might also want a detachable mic that can be removed when you are not talking to other gamers. 

You will find that you enjoy interactive games more if the microphone works well and this should improve your performance when gaming. 

Where to buy a quality Gaming Headset with Mic?

If you are looking for gaming products, The Gaming Guru is a great place to look. They have a range of  affordable accessories and gadgets for gamers. Here are some of their most popular options for a  Gaming Headset with Mic:

LED Gaming Headphones with Microphone  

The LEDs give this headset an awesome look that you will love. It offers really good value for money. The built-in microphone has noise reduction and is rotatable.

The frequency response range is 20 – 20000 Hz with a sensitivity of 112±3dB. It comes with a 2.2m cable. 

Pink Wired Gaming Headset

If you are looking for something in pink this is a great option. The headset is affordable and has a frequency response range of  20-20000Hz with a sensitivity of 120±3 dB. It comes with a 2.2m cable and the vocalism principle is dynamic. 

Waterproof Wired Gaming Headsets 

This waterproof headset is great value for money and is a cool design. It has a 2.2m cable, a Frequency Response Range of 15 – 20000 Hz, and a sensitivity of 105±3 dB. The vocalism principle uses hybrid technology. 

Give some thought to the importance of your mic when investing in a gaming headset. Take a look on The Gaming Guru to find the best gaming headset with mic or any of your other gaming needs!