Playing video games is more than just simply turning on a console, playing the game, and logging off. For real gamers, it’s a lifestyle, a part of their identity and something they invest a lot of time and money into. This is why getting a gaming headset is the best gift you can give to your gamer self these days. Not only do these gaming headsets come with the best audio technology, but it also helps define who you are as a gamer. Still not convinced? We’ll be discussing different reasons why you should purchase a headset and also provide you with a list of our top 3 options under $60.

Why Use A Gaming Headset?

A lot of people assume that gaming headsets are just regular headsets with more RGB. While on the surface, that may be true, it’s more than just lights. A good gaming headset is made explicitly for gaming and usually comes with more features and attributes. Good-quality headphones allow you to immerse yourself into the game by blocking out external noises and giving you superior sound quality. It also allows you to react to the game better by giving your brain a 3D audio map of your surroundings. Lastly, good gaming headphones will enable you to communicate with your team while still being immersed in the game. It can really make a difference especially when you’re hunting down enemies. A second can make quite the difference.

But one thing about gaming headsets is that they are priced on the higher end of the spectrum. Most branded gaming headsets can set you back a couple of hundred dollars. For some, that’s a steep price. That is why we’ve comprised a list of the top 3 gaming headsets you can get at a price tag that won’t break the bank. We’ve created a reasonably versatile list, and we believe we have something for everybody.

Top 3 Best Gaming Headsets Below $60

  1. Cat Headphones – Looking for something that’s not only good for gaming but also something you can use daily? These LED Cat Bluetooth headsets are perfect for gaming and regular use. Plus, it is available in a variety of colors you can choose from to fit your personality. Own your gaming persona with these $49.99 Cat Headphones. They’re Bluetooth and the battery life can last up to 900 minutes (15 hours).
  2. Camo Headset – If you are a fan of first-person shooter games, getting one of these Camo Headsets is a no-brainer. But it’s not all design. It offers superb audio quality and cutting-edge microphone technology that lets you communicate clearly with teammates while running under gunfire. You can get this bad boy for only $34.99. The frequency response range is 8 – 25000 Hz and has active noise cancellation in place.
  3. Kotion Headset – Who knew that for only $59.99, you could get a high-quality headset with the same specs as its top competitors? The Kotion Headset is perfect for gamers who don’t just want to play a game but be a part of it. With an active noise-cancellation feature, you can say goodbye to this world and let your consciousness bask in the entire audio glory of the game you are playing. Some of the features include the frequency range for these headphones are 20KHz, easily accessibile volume control and up to 7 RGB LED colours.

Gaming Peripherals for Everybody

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