When you spend a lot of time on your computer, owning an ergonomic mouse is important for your own comfort. A good ergonomic mouse must have an irreproachable grip, in addition to a powerful sensor and customization options. Often facing high costs, we deemed it relevant to survey manufacturers, but also professional players in order to create the perfect guide to choosing the most suitable gaming mouse for your use.

How to Choose Your Gaming Mouse?

The Form 

The gaming mouse should be suited to the morphology of your hand.  So avoid models that are too big if you have small hands and vice versa. It’s up to you to adapt the form to the way you play. Left-handers will prefer dedicated models or ambidextrous mice.

The Weight

The weight should also influence your choice, fairly intensive users (gamers, graphic designers, etc.) will prefer fairly light or moderately heavy gaming mice to prevent their wrist from tiring quickly. Many models vary in weight so that the mouse can maximize the comfortability of its users. 

The Sensor (DPI)

How many DPI is important for a gaming mouse? The value to watch for is its resolution in DPI (dots per inch). The higher this value, the more precise the mouse. Above 4000 DPI, you have a product that is already starting to make a real difference.

To put it simply, a mouse with a high DPI will allow its cursor to move quicker while barely moving the mouse.

The Number of Buttons

The number of programmable buttons (macros) is fundamental. If for the average person, 3 buttons (2 buttons + wheel) is sufficient for scrolling through pages, players (FPS, MMO, etc.) and other graphic designers will look towards models ranging from 5 to at least 15 buttons for variety and functionality. 


There are mainly two main types of grips. For this factor you need to consider how you hold your mouse while playing.

  1. Palm Grip
    This is probably the most common grip among gamers, but also the most natural for a large majority of users. In this position, the hand rests flat on the entirety of the mouse, the palm remaining in contact with the base of the mouse.
  1. Claw Grip
    This grip is similar to the first, but the hand no longer rests entirely on the mouse. As its name suggests, the hand here takes on the appearance of a “claw”, with the index and middle fingers slightly bent.

The best gaming mice on the market

Rainbow 7 Key Mouse

Based on an optical sensor with an adjustable resolution of up to 1600 DPI, the Rainbow mouse has all the precision necessary to reach your targets. The 15M workable range ensures perfect mouse responsiveness.

The ergonomics of this gaming mouse allows a comfortable grip and a firm hold thanks to the textured coating under the thumb. Stand out with your own colour thanks to the multicoloured RGB LED lighting system.

3 Button Optical Gaming Mouse

As the name suggests, this gaming mouse focuses only on the essentials: a good sensor and responsive buttons! Its 3 mechanical buttons have a life cycle of 5 million clicks each, to support you over time.

The 2,400 DPI optical sensor takes care of ensuring the accuracy of your cursor! With impeccable tracking and Ultra-precise Scroll Wheel, you’ll never be caught out!

3200 DPI Beetle Mouse

This mouse takes up the challenge with its 3200 DPI sensor that ensures precision and accuracy. This resolution is adjustable on the fly which allows you to change your sensitivity during the game. Choose between 1200, 1600, and 3200 DPI. It has a switch life of 20million cycles so you can be sure it will serve you for a long time.

3200 DPI Mouse

The 3200 DPI Mouse features a cool optical engraving. Then access an unprecedented level of performance thanks to perfect 1 : 1 tracking of up to 3200 DPI without any hardware acceleration. The distance traveled on your mouse pad will be the same achieved on the screen without latency or interpolation but with extreme precision. 

Dragon Symbol Mouse

Taking performance to an incredibly high level, Dragon Symbol Mouse is equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 5500 DPI. Adjustable in stages via a dedicated button, customize the sensitivity to be the most comfortable according to the phases of the game. The acceleration reaches 40 G.

Having a mouse suited to your needs is extremely important. Visit our online store to select the perfect gaming mouse for your console.